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We provide a wide range of software development services that are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client.

IT Consulting

We provide software development consulting services to assist organizations in creating, maintaining and improving their software products.

Web App Development

We have a wealth of experience in creating custom web applications and can work with businesses or individuals of all sizes to create a unique and effective solution for their needs.

Mobile App Development

Offering a wide range of mobile app development services to help create custom, innovative, and user-friendly mobile apps that can take your business to the next level.

UI/UX Development

We provide UI/UX services to design and implement user interfaces that are both effective and appealing to your users.

Quality Assurance

We provide quality assurance and testing services to ensure that the software developed meets the highest standards of quality and meets customer expectations.

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At Appmatic Tech, we bring our customers back with our top vetted digital solutions that highlights our niche.

Focus on customer satisfaction

The main reason behind our success is our understanding of the customer requirements and needs.

Proven track record

We have ensured in the past that our clientele gets the right technology to support their business and that it's properly managed, integrated and developed in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Fast turnaround times

We have frameworks, boiler plate codes, documentations ready to jump in the business logics directly for faster project execution.

Why AppMatic Tech
for your development services


Strived perfection

Striving to maintain the reputation, our software developers curate best scalable product and QA team with zero bug tolerance.


Maintenance and support

Our team is always available to tackle major challenges and be available as your backbone.



We are experts in securing your data with high encryption algorithms and mitigating risks at early stages.


Scalable solution

Scalable products keeping in mind a scalable architecture at best standards.


The Works We Are Proud Of


We created Natta that has functions similar to Twitter. On Twitter, we share tweets, Natta works with sharing videos. The platform lets users communicate and gel along while sharing videos about matches, players, teams, and more. Other users can engage with each other by sharing video as a reply to someone’s post. This way a thread is generated which looks similar to Twitter’s communication threads.

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Univia app is close to us as it is focussed on solving daily problems of farmers using localised languages plus offering them various types of help like weather predictions, information about crops, adulterated or duplicate Agri Inputs and many more things which may save a farmer and his hard efforts.

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Hungry Hub

We all love eating and dining outside. But it dampens our spirit when we reach our favourite restaurant and find it fully occupied. Hence, to deal with this problem, we developed Hungry Hub which lets you book the restaurant through this app.

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Offering loans becomes easy for African countries through the Letshego app. Once a user becomes eligible to borrow loans, he is immediately provided with funds, with easy repayment capabilities. Flexible savings, fixed deposits, loan dashboard, managing payouts are some of the great features of this app.

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Nice people saying nice things

AppMatic Tech has helped overcome all the shortcomings of our software work and mitigated all the risks that we were suppose to face in later stage.

Sunil Maddikatla

CEO, Bluesemi R&D

Hungry hub’s first development was handled by Vishal Sharma (now CEO at AppMatic Tech), best at its design and super ideation by Hungryhub made it in top charts of Thailand’s food category app.

Manveer Singh

CEO, Hungry Hub

AppMatic Tech made my dream come true with their expertise in mobile apps and making me believe at every stage about the potential of their work.

Ryan Craig





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