LetsGo offers safe, secure & easy loans and has world class services to offer Flexible repayment plan to keep your finances in check and Full transparency into loan costs with zero hidden charges. You can also refer others and get the best offers around the app.

  • Project Name:LetsGo
  • Duration:2 months
  • Category:Finance

Expectations from our Client

So this was very first application we touched in Fintech domain, where our client wanted to develop few modules for him. The LetsGo team comprises of around 250 people and we were delighted to have worked with few of the brilliant mobile teams and some top class developers around the world.


Cool and easy to navigate home screen

The app has cool design and easy dashboard items to navigate into like flexible savings, fixed deposits etc.


Borrow loans

Helping small to big customers financially and in few steps comes handy with this screen. Customers can review details like loan amount, to repay and monthly installments.

Our Process

Dedicated iOS development for Letshego


Sizing Jira Tickets

AppMatic Tech’s dedicated development for iOS was to provide the estimate on smallest possible tasks for crucial deliverables.



Development of each task followed appropriate process of creating Git PRs and code review.

App users and LetsGo team

LetsGo app has crossed more than thousand users around africa. Also it has world class team under Letshego an african Letshego Holdings Ltd, listed on the stock exchange, with more than 50 developers working on deep R&Ds and taking the security of the app and transactions to optimum level, it was such a pleasure for us to assist them on their mobile app project.

Tools and technologies used used

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