Hungry Hub

Hungry hub is a Restaurant Finder app. People can quickly search and book for famous restaurants at their finger tips.


Want to enjoy a fixed price meal at top restaurants? Want to celebrate and looking for the best exclusive restaurant with affordable price? Tired of all the same old buffet places out there? HUNGRY HUB is your answer.

Hungry Hub is Thailand’s unique dining offer application. We offer an exclusive All You Can Eat concept at normal À la carte restaurants with a wide range list of more than 100 restaurants. Hungry Hub is simple to use and 100% FREE.


Hungry hub was our first client and first impression is always a last one. We made the design best in every possible way and the main challenge was to come up in market like Thailand which already conists of hundreds of restaurants and apps in market.

Our solution

We tried to simplify the booking process so in two to three steps user can book his own reservations. Users can also easily get notified whenever its time to go to restaurant or some offers available for the same. Our solution attracted thousands of new customers.


Home screen has beautiful list of the restaurants which can be filtered based on categories, price, cuisines etc. Users can also see the main categories on home page which are quite famous in thailand.

Make a booking

Users can easily book their reservation using app. They just need to select their Preferred timing and just click on book now button. Users can also add their special requests if any so that restaurant can make their dine more personal.

Users profile and onboarding

Users can easily login into the app using facebook login or simple login. Also users can earn points on each reservations which can get them some discount on next booking. Users can also earn in referrals.