Hungry hub is a fun and easy way to find out about the newest restaurants opening in your area, as well as booking tables for free. With HUNGRY HUB, there's no need to browse through endless menus - it sends you notifications of amazing new places to try. You can also earn rewards with every booking or restaurant review. Using rewards users will get discounts in next booking.

  • Project Name:Hungry Hub
  • Duration:6 months
  • Category:Restaurant booking, Rewards

Expectations from our Client

So this was very first application developed where our client was starting up with no restaurants in hand. It was top app in Thailand and It grow to 300 restaurants in one year and then post that success Hungryhub was all over Thailand. Great journey and happy client :)


Great UI/UX design

The app was very smooth to use as its UI/UX was very simple to navigate and very prominent features around.


Rewards - Game changer

Rewards are game changer in every startup, each dining offered a reward which and be reused in next booking.


Location and Map

Finding with your current location and searching a location Within the app gives you restaurants results within 3 seconds Along with that paging queries made it effortless.

Our Process

Defining a cutting edge solution by our domain expert


Business analysis and Wireframing

Understanding the delightful experience behind dining was to have clear idea of each and every niche requirement.



Coming up with unique design played very important role in easy navigation to key components of the app.



AppMatic Tech is always sure about its aggressive development to meet up timelines and customer release

Successful and customer base

Today Hungryhub is being used by more than 10k users in thailand on regular basis and has top partners like Banyan tree bangkok, Skyview hotel and many more.

Tools and technologies used used

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