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We offer expertise in developing mobile and web solutions that are intuitive and interactive. Our user-centric approach ensures satisfaction and timely delivery of the digital solutions

Case Study

Natta : Reply with Videos

We created Natta that has functions similar to Twitter. On Twitter, we share tweets, Natta works with sharing videos. The platform lets users communicate and gel along while sharing videos about matches, players, teams, and more. Other users can engage with each other by sharing video as a reply to someone’s post. This way a thread is generated which looks similar to Twitter’s communication threads.

Case Study

Hungry Hub: Dining offer app

We all love eating and dining outside. But it dampens our spirit when we reach our favorite restaurant and find it fully occupied. Hence, to deal with this problem, we developed Hungry Hub which lets you book the restaurant through this app.

Moreover, it comes with a reward system where you accumulate certain rewards while using this app while getting a table booked in a restaurant. You can redeem these rewards when you book the table in another restaurant next time. The rewards include discount coupons, and extra points.

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Android Development

We offer expertise in building immaculate Android apps that are secured, safe, and crash-proof. We use the latest Kotlin/Java versions and Android studio tools to keep the apps up to date.

iOS Development

We develop customized iOS mobile app that suits a user’s requirements as well as the platform’s requirements. Swift is our favourite, and we still have an undying love for our oldie ObjC, which provides its support in latest Xcode and simulators.

ReactNative Development

Javascript is a powerful tool but so is ReactNative. Sometimes, iOS and Android apps incur a lot of cost. In such cases, you can take up ReactNative app development which cuts down on budget.


Our team ensures that the user has a good user experience of the application where front end using Bootstrap, custom HTMLs/CSS, Wordpress, Angular.


Looking for the scalable and versatile technology for your business? PHP/Laravel, Node.js, MySQL and MongoDB databases are your choice!

Cloud Management

These can be personal public, or hybrid environments in the cloud systems, we specialize to address large volumes of data and information with the right knowledge required for AWS servers, digital ocean and many others.


We develop agile, scalable, and component-based distributed applications, that create enormous value for your employees and customers.

Progressive apps

Web apps are trending nowadays with their powerful reach across the audience and their web capablities. Looking for low cost quick app solution from your existing website, Webapps are to go.


Research with our experts, whether if its Smart wearables or Retail, Healthcare IoT or Consumer Iot and gain a natural insight of your product.


Our professionals use world-class analytics development frameworks to craft high-functioning and deep analytics.

product ideation

We take product ideation seriously to deliver the right kind of product to our client. We take all the user experiences into consideration and develop the product accordingly

Software Consulting

Take advantage of our proven expertise in helping clients create IoT implementation roadmap, robust IoT application architecture, software consulting

Brand identity

We define customer goals that help us understand who the audience is, why would they engage with the experience we are giving them, and how we can provide a seamless journey throughout.

Product Wireframing

Using tools like Balsamiq, Invison, Figma, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop, we provide preliminary low fidelity wireframes that helps in connecting information flow.


User experience (UX) is the whole new level study of attitudes, emotions, psycology, concerning the use of mobile or web applications. UI and UX design are interrelated since the quality of a customer’s experience using the application correlates with the quality of interface elements


UI design focuses on maximizing user experience by adding rules and emphasizing on usability and utility. Good user interface design ensures that interface elements are easy to access, function and to understand

Usability and market validation

This phase comes once the application is ready. Beta test and our code of conduct to make vigorous user testing, reviews, detailed surveys allows us to create beautiful designs and enhance user experience

User research

Delving in deep user behaviours, figuring out their needs, pain points, problems, and opportunities, is our key to create a highly balanced and usable product

Competitive analysis

We do thorough analysis of the potential competition to see what works best and what not. Helping us to define solutions to outdo the competition

Project roadmap

We create user stories which explains the intended functionalities of the product from a user’s perspective, helping everyone understand what the project is about

Proof of concept

Before investing our and customer's time in whole implementation, we create a sold PoC, where you can make it run onsite and gain far more confidence in us.

Rapid prototyping

We create precise prototype helping us to step into user’s shoes to understand their expectations, perception, intent, and it’s impact on the overall product

Performance monitoring

We monitor performance to identify if business is functioning up to mark through some awesome tools like New relic, AppDynamics etc.

Project upgradation

To leverage our full potential, we focus highly on upgrading project by introducing Continuous integrations, analytic tools, Cloud migrations, DevOps implementations.

Product modernization

To adhere to the latest trends and aligning to the beauty of this ever changing technological shifts, we make sure our customers adapt modern day tools and are fully modernized

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There are so many factors that decide the feasibility and usability of the app. User friendly UI, user experience, security, and fast response are some of the factors that play a huge role in making an app a success. So what exactly should go in your app should be the very first question. We have a strategy to figure out about it. Lets say you want to make an app which is

There are so many tools and resources available in the market through which you can develop an application. You have to understand the pros and cons of each tool when you want to build an application. Building an application takes time, effort and money. Selecting a specific niche of correct technologies which are suitable for your platforms, is quintessential when it comes to building apps.