Service Advisor

Get quick and handy service advisors for fixing any domestic or technical issues


This App provides capability to search service advisors and book them easily so that you can get your things repaired using best video or audio call technology built upon WebRTC . Users can rate the advisors based on the service they have provided. Also payment has to be made using Paypal service from the app itself to book any service advisor.


Due to WebRTC customisations that we have to do according to the features needed it was complex to obtain accurate results and it was a challenge that we have to fulfill all the needs of the app.

Our solution

After understanding our client’s need we started to R&D on webRTC platform and its demo code available. As its open source it took time to understand all the algorithms given in it. And at the end after lots of unit testing we got the needed accuracy and hence satisfactory results.

The Booking part

Booking your service advisors with the easy booking UI and checking all its results and status, whether its completed, ongoing etc in the the list. Even details can be checked anytime. This booking module included fast request/response using connection so that APIs are not timely fetched and customer can also get instant updates

The Video call

The calling part module where customer gets call from advisor and makes the fixes instantaneously using his quick help. Here customer can also send a message if in case the call gets interrupted. This chat module also included connection which is used by most of the apps hence making chat intuitive for customer.

Customer reviews

The service advisor will be rated by customer based on all the service that he has provided. Those reviews will be actively supervised by admin panel.