Muslim of 2 worlds

An app that is similar to tinder and is mostly used by muslim community round the globe.


The app has functionality to create your custom profile and set preferences based of muslim religion. The app will compare the preferences of the users around the world and show them in the swipe list. Once users get a match they will be able to chat with each other


As the matching has to be best for the user so the only challenge in this app was that the matching algorithm has to be perfect which will show users the alike results.

Our solution

After understanding our client’s need we started developing this platform on for chat and algorithms of filters based on the user’s location, hijab, interests, age, gender etc. Also a selfie verification has to be done by user where admin will approve it so that to avoid any unwanted or fake users on the system

Your world has matched

Whenever user has swiped right and liked a user, the user’s world will match if the other user has swiped right for same

Profile creation and verification

The profile creation is based on facebook login and then user has to fill out the preferences. Then after there is selfie verification which is checked by admin and once confirmed user will get notified for same so that they can use the rest of the app

Chat and subscriptions

The app has based chat system, where once matched users can chat with each other, and in app purchases subscriptions as well. Swiped right and left is also shown in the app as history

User Management

We provide admin dashboard to our client from where the administrator can manage the app users.

Get insights from dashboard

We provide admin dashboard to our client which is very easy to use and also has its handy statistics available.