This app is for the lawyers so they can be organised using it and tracking all their research and documents. This app can be called equivalent to Clio which is one of the most reputed companies of America and Hoxro is its competitor with the extended feature list.


Like every innovation, the idea for Hoxro LMS was borne out of observing an existing gap in the market. The legal software industry is yet to catch up with consumer expectations despite technological advancement.

Existing interfaces are clunky and limited in their capacity to perform tasks better & faster. Not to speak of the steep learning curve in using these software. Features & functionalities are basic & inadequate or advanced features are bundled into individual paid upgrades. There is a huge upfront and training cost. Some have expensive annual fees attached to them. Moreover, these software come with an expensive per user subscription fee.


Our challenge was to take over the project from the middle and complete it to the extent so that our client can successfully exhibit it in an event. We understood all the requirements and made the clear API documentation, solved many bugs in android and iOS and made a stable release for our cleint.

Our solution

Our solution was to communicate with the existing offshore developer who was residing in Bangladesh and undertand all the requirements very well from him in order to take over the project. Sometimes communication expertise can help us more than technical expertise and we did best to afford our time more into already developed code.

Matters Home Screen

The home screen consist of all the matters of a user who is logged in. Those matters can be pinned as well and can be unpinned as well. User can filter the results based on the text search and only pinned matters as well.

Matter details

A matter has lots of document stored from a lawyer. Hence organised and easy access to the documents has to be there. As seen, the documents can be accessed easily and all the details can be checked, read and shared.

Creating document

Creating a document using rich editor view of this app is brillant. All the features that are importatn to edit a text are included and all the html conversion is done by default which will be saved on server. So the data could remain in sync with the web app as well.