A swift and simple app made for NHS hospitals where you have quick, easy access to all the doctors and surgeons actively working to share all the secure media and chats safely


This App at high level works similarly to most widely used messengers like Whatsapp, imessenger, etc. the difference here is the contacts are only from all the hospitals bound with NHS in UK. About 150 hospitals have lots of doctors which can be easily searched within the app and they can also create groups within so that chat can be made easy for all the doctors involved in a single case.

Challenge is widely used for chats and instant request/response architecture. Hence that was only challenge to bring on the chat system work swiftly with without any interruption. Along with that there was also session expiry for a chat session so that man in middle attacks can be avoided.

Our solution

Implementation of library in iOS and android along with Node was solution. Node being an active instance will always remain in active state where clients will use to listen to each other.

Login and profile

The secure login will make user set a pin number once user registers. This is dependent on session and it will expire if the user is not logged in for more than 3 hours. This makes sure that security is kept intact and no one else can use it again

The Messaging

Message list which will indicate the status of message read/unread/delivered etc. When you tap into details you can view all the lazy loaded message chats along with pictures. You can create groups and search contacts easily with filters using location filters, name, job, role etc.

Group chats

Group chats are always the best and this app has no exception. Users can use the group chat to chat with the other doctors or nurses so that they are all in loop