Find best food trucks and events in your area.


This App provides capability to search food trucks and food events currently serving near your location and display them on the map. Users can see all the details, prices, opening hours and can favorite their food truck for tracking. Using rating system their is great transparency for each and every individual to know better about the trucks and events.


Due to presence of large number of similar apps with exact same number of features, foodymapz had to stand out with it sleek user interface.

The revenue of this app had to be first acquiring large number of users using food trucks so the user experience had to be made easy by showing nearby food trucks and events also to be specific the results can be sorted using filters.

Our solution

After understanding our client’s need we designed some best graphical interface for the app. Also to track users we gave single and one touch sign in using Facebook login.

The landing screens

It’s believed that segregating the large number of things in specific categories makes it easy for users to reach to their results.

Old is gold

Some users had to have listing options as they like to use them a lot.

Getting some truth out on wall

As we all love genuine and transparent system, this app has its review system in picture.

Events & Trucks Management

We provide admin dashboard to our client from where the administrator can add and manage the events and trucks.

Get insights from dashboard

We provide admin dashboard to our client which is very easy to use and also has its handy statistics available.