Concurge app serves all the tenants in Israel where the app is used by apartment owners and porters of the building. This app has handy service capabilites so that tenants can get quick service as required.


The concurge app came into existence when our client Ran was looking forward to services from a specific building. The porter has all the information avaialable but they aren’t accessible all the time. Hence the people ask for service if needed, get to rush at various points. Concurge app will be used to pre book the services like home fix, send/recieve gifts, ask for taxi etc. Also an admin panel for the porter wil be used to monitor all the events and the guests visiting the appartments.


The app was very basic in nature and only challenge was to make it simple in usage and unique design compared to other apps.

Our solution

We presented lots of design and made efforts to make the design look minimal to the tenants. The screenshots shown further will speak of itself and its simplicity.

Concurge Home

Only registered tenants have access to this app. Once logged in, they wil be verified with OTP on their phone. Then the home screen consist of all the services and categories that a tenant has access to.

Add guest, taxi, laundry

Those 3 services can be accessed and booked. All the values coming up are dynamic and rapid from the server. The only reason to make them dynamic is that this app can support a lot of localization hence a single change could lead to updation of app.

Dog walking, gifts and notifications

Dog walking and gifts are another services which can be accessed as needed. Notification will consist of the list of the notification that a tenant has recieved till now. Tenant can also call up porter anytime to enquire about any service or in case if support is needed anytime.

Apartment & Tenant Management

We provide admin dashboard to our client from where the administrator can manage the apartments and can add events etc.

Event Management

We provide admin dashboard to our client from where the administrator can view and manage all the events.